PIPO - Punch In Punch Out

Is a sleekly designed organizational and time keeping app. Manage your clients, projects and jobs while you keep track of yours billable hours and make invoicing easy. The app is intuitive and user-friendly with a clean and retro interface that will look awesome on your tablet!

Great For

  • freelancers - juggling different projects with different hourly rates
  • managers - keeping track of workers' hours and wages
  • anyone - who wants to see where their time goes!


  • Input your client details on the digital business cards
  • file your projects in folders and
  • prepare sticky notes of the little jobs you have to do to complete the project
  • digitally clock in when you start work and clock out when you're done
  • see how long each task took to accomplish
  • automatically compute your billable hours so you won't have to take time out to do it yourself
  • review and manage the log of dates and times you've worked on a particular job
  • export to open standard CSV format for greater use.
  • silky smooth graphics and UI design.

Additional Features

  • Time Stamp Editor - Add and edit information to keep yourself organized
  • Multi-Stamp Manager - Punch in and punch out as many jobs as you want
  • Backup Engine - Importing option is available to keep your data safe


Please contact me if you have any comments or suggestions at mitch@mellisdesigns.com or tweet us at @apps_alamode for our twitter account.

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"Very useful app: Excellent tool to keep track of jobs charged on an hourly basis. Much improved on previous versions." (smt64)

"im using it to track study time as well as for web dev project and this is very handy. the most well invested 2$. as the title says very easy to use. very neat interface , nice animations. but the main point very useful." (Mastajeet)

"Perfect App for commissioned worker: if you want to know how your spending your time this is the best app. tried pipo lite but not good because you cant edit. this app is easy to use and edit. worth the money!"

"Awesome: I ponied up for the upgrade, and found it well worthwhile. This is quickly becoming a staple app for me. I don't invoice or get paid by the job, but this is the best 'time tracker' I've seen. I use it to figure out how I'm spending my time, and reduce waste. Later, I plan to use it for time-study of my employees." (bbigheadneil)

"Excellent: the most beautiful ui, i have seen recently.. clean, concise amd crisp..."